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Why The Media Can’t Stop Talking About Donald Trump!

Let us go back to December 2006 when Rosie O’Donnell, at the time was one of the hostesses on the View, talked about the decision taken by the then billionaire Donald Trump(before he became the 45th President of the United States); to give the Miss USA pageant contestant, Tara Conner, a second chance and let her keep her crown after it was revealed to the world, she was not as much of a squeaky clean beauty pageant contestant the world was led to believe. The details as to what those salacious activities were, I will leave it up to you to scratch that itching curiosity by watching the video below.

To continue our little trip on memory lane, Rosie O’Donnell that day on the view, didn’t just talked about Donald Trump’s show of mercy toward Miss USA Tara Conner’s transgressions. Oh no! She went on to impersonate and mock Trump’s hairstyle and manner of speaking in such spectacular fashion, it may be the most hilarious and funny moments on daytime television.

Rosie O’Donnell Impersonation and Mocking Trump On The View

Now, what followed after Donald Trump responded to Rosie O’Donnell’s impersonation and mocking of him on The View, was the media’s Wet Dream come true! Both Rosie O’Donnell and the Donald started on a media back-and-forth war of words. They constantly took jabs at each other whenever or wherever the camera was on. It had gotten ridiculous, predictable, and childish. But it was too late, the mainstream media was hooked and they could not get enough of their feud!

It got to the point where it was the only subject matter the news media(entertainment media included) were covering regarding O’Donnell and Mr. Trump. It was becoming very obvious it got to a point where the media was not just covering this dispute between these two, they were fanning it. How you ask? Donald Trump was constantly being asked to comment about the ongoing feud between him and Rosie. And the more Donald Trump responded to the reporters about the feud the more the media covered it, talked about it, and the more it remain alive. This story went on for what felt like forever. 

Then suddenly, and I will never forget this, it all changed when a celebrity reporter for ET(Entertainment Tonight) was covering a celebrity gala in which Donald Trump was a guest. On the red carpet, the celebrity reporter was interviewing The Donald as he made his way inside the gala. As she was finishing questioning him, she asked him when this feud between him and Rosie was going to end. Mr. Trump proceeded to respond in a very spectacular fashion by saying, “As soon as you stop talking about it!” It DID!

Fast forward to now, current time. If you watch the news, especially the left-leaning media, they just can’t stop talking and reporting about Donald Trump. They talked about him 24/7 and reports about everything he does, say, and tweet about from his social media Twitter account. No matter how stupid and ridiculous it is. They[the media], justify that kind of reporting by saying because he is the POTUS, everything he says and does is news. HOGWASH!

The media at times feels like a gasoline being poured on an open fire; wood being added to a simmering fire.

I understand reporting about the POTUS when it comes to major issues, especially dealing with national security, is important and should be news worthy. But reporting about his petty and lying tweets is not news worthy. Reporting about Donald Trump’s childish and child-like words against people who criticizes him is not new worthy. His hate-filled and racist tweets against people and nations of color should be addressed; but not dominate the airways for days-on-out; like his latest hate-filled and racist tweets against the four Congress women in the House and other minority law makers. The American people already knows President Donald Trump is a full blown racist. If you don’t know, he was raised by a father(Frederick Trump) who fought with the police(and got arrested for it), though not charged, during a Klu Klux Klan on Memorial Day, in 1927.

Finally, make no mistake, the media(especially the liberal media) can’t stop talking about Donald Trump because of the same reason they could not get enough of the feud involving Rosie and Trump back in 2006; ratings! To be more precise, high ratings. The news media is making money hand-over-fits covering Trump and they really don’t want it to stop. Despite what they say about how bad he is as a President, along with his Presidency.

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